Wattpad Online Sign Up – Create Account on Wattpad

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Have you ever heard of the word Wattpad? Or maybe Wattpad online Sign-Up? Wattpad is an online community that brings to existence a great deal of connection between writers and readers. With the Wattpad sign up feature, you can be part of this great and amazing community. Wattpad deals fully with writing and reading and if you are a good writer, you can earn a living from it.

Wattpad Online Sign Up

Wattpad according to some users review is a dream come true platform as people on the platform will not be caught by other captivating things other than writing and reading. If you really wish to use Wattpad and be connected a whole lot of users online, then you must undergo the sign-up process.

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Wattpad Online Sign Up – Create Account on Wattpad

Creating a Wattpad account is what is termed as Wattpad sign up. Now you can easily create a Wattpad account and find millions of books to read online or start writing to make a living. In order to create a Wattpad account;

  • Launch your device web browser and visit the official Wattpad website.
  • From the official Wattpad webpage, click on the start writing icon and you will be provided with some boxes.
  • On those boxes enter your personal details such as your desired username, email address and your desired password.
  • From the next page, you will be given a choice to decide what you want to focus on doing with your Wattpad account.
  • There might be certain questions to be answered. Answer correctly to commence the process.

Once you complete the procedures, you will be automatically logged into your Wattpad account. On your Wattpad account, you will be notified that a confirmation email has been sent to your email address. You need to go to your email address and click on the confirmation link to confirm that the address belongs to you. If you are thinking that it is a waste of time, you have to note that without clicking on that link, you will not be able to completely access the whole features of your Wattpad account.

How to find create a story on Wattpad

If you have your Wattpad account and you wish to start writing right away, hit on the “Create” icon. It is at the top navigation bar before the search bar. Hit on the button telling you to create a story enter your story details. Your story details are your cover photo, title, description, tags and so much more. Complete the process and you have already created a story; you can start writing the chapters immediately.

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