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Toxicwap is among one of the top sites for downloading music, movies, TV Series, Mp3, videos, etc. Yes TV Series too. Toxicwap TV Series is the section within the site where you can find the latest or favorite Tv series to download to your device and watch later. The site is ranked by Alexa to be 5,828. That is to say, it has lots of visits and one of the most visited sites daily. There are lots of series you can find and download to watch. It is easy and fast to use with easy navigation. Being heading to how to download Tv series, let’s know what Toxicwap means.

Toxicwap TV Series


Toxicwap is a site for downloading movies, music, games, mp3, music videos, TV Series etc for free. It is actually among one of the top-ranked sites for downloads with ease. The site is easy to navigate either on PC or mobile, as each content is arranged accordingly. Moreover, the site doesn’t require any form of registration to make downloads. TV Series can be downloaded in different formats such as HD, MP, etc. The site is categorized accordingly which I will be stating down in this guide.

Toxicwap is the most trusted and famous website for all free mobile downloads. The site offers the best full mp3 music, your favorite TV series, and movies in MP4 and avi format. You can find the Android App Store, quality videos, funny video clips and much more. Can you believe it all for Free?

Toxicwap Categories

Like I said earlier, there are different categories of files you can download from the site. They categorized into;

  • Music
  • Movies
  • TV Series.
  • Videos
  • Wallpapers.
  • Android Games and Apps.
  • Ebooks.

Most categories are subcategorized such as music. Here are the subcategories of music;

  • New Singles.
  • Albums.
  • Mixtapes.
  • Trance, House & EDM.
  • Psychedelic & Goa.
  • Upcoming Artists.
  • Upload your music for Promotion.
  • Electro House.
  • Sound Tracks.
  • Trap.
  • Techno.
  • Dubstep.
  • Hardstyle.
  • Old School
  • Rock Music
  • Drum & Bass
  • Indie Albums.
  • Instrumentals.
  • Reggae Music.
  • Kenya Music.
  • Nigerian Music
  • Nelson Mandela.
  • Requested Music
  • 2pac Albums
  • Notorious BIG Albums.Angola Music.
  • Tanzania Bongo Music
  • WWE Entrance Theme Songs.

Download Latest Series on Toxicwap

Toxicwap wap site regularly updates its site with the latest Tv series and movies. The site is updated regularly a few days after the release, unlike other sites. Surfers can download any type of movies or tv series they want to range from Hindi, Hollywood, Bollywood, Tv Series, etc.

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How to Download Tv Series

Downloading series from the site might seem a bit stressful as you would be directed to another site I an ad. The ad is the way they make their income to maintain the website. In other words, to download, you have to be fast in clicking after the ad. Here’s how to download from the site;

  • Open your web browser, Chrome or any other and go to
  • From the homepage, hit on Tv sEries to see the latest ones.
  • Search for the name of the Tv Series you wish to download or just type in the first name.
  • A page will be loaded with a list of similar series to your key phrase or the exact series.
  • Another page will be displayed with a brief description of the series. Select the Download to start.
  • Choose the quality you want and proceed to download.

The series will be downloaded to your device.

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