Top 5 Music Streaming Apps – Top 5 best-selling and interesting Music Streaming Apps

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When it comes to music streaming, there’s no shortage of apps for mobile phones, in fact, there are lots. Well out of all, there is a list of the Top 5 Music Streaming Apps. These are some of the apps that will help you to listen to music in any way you want it and place. These days, downloading and storing music on your smartphones or laptop is in the past. As there are apps to use and stream music for free. With these apps, you can stream any music you want.

Top 5 Music Streaming Apps

Top 5 Music Streaming Apps

Top 5 Music Streaming Apps are simply the top best music apps that can be used for streaming music. With music streaming apps, there’s no need to download or save music on your phone. In this guide, I will be providing you with some of the top picks for streaming music for mobile phones.

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Best Music Streaming Apps 2019

If you’re searching for the top music apps to stream fresh out music, you’re on the right blog. Below are the best top 5 music streaming apps;


This mobile app is well known for its set and forget its intelligent FM service. All you need to do is to pick out a piece of music and the app will fill you with similar-sounding songs for you. You can use the app for free. With the premium feature, you can download as many songs as you want to play offline. Use Pandora to discover more music from your favorite artists. You can download Pandora for free on the App Store of the smartphone you’re using.


This one is presently the most popular music streaming service. Spotify is great for discovering new music. You would find lots of interesting music to listen to your favorite artists. The service is easy to use, create, share and also embed your playlists. Spotify got you covered with lots of fresh and hot sounds. With the Premium plan, you can download any music, playlist, or album offline within the app. Download the app for free from the App Store of your smartphone.

Amazon Music

It might seem a bit late to the game but, surely a great music streaming app. With this app, you get access to a bunch of free music and including your whole Cloud Player Library. It includes uploaded songs and the ones you purchased directly from Amazon. It is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones.


For those searching for an alternative or electronic mixtape, Soundcloud is probably the best app for you. As an upcoming artiste, you can also upload your music and also support others who are upcoming too. It is a free music streaming service and available everywhere. There’s an offline option too. Most of the music can be downloaded offline even with the free [plan but some require a subscription. The app is compatible with Android and iOS phones. Download for free from the App Store of your Smartphone.


Although, there are different if music streaming services, this app is specialized in offering the freshest and hottest songs. Signing Up is free and the process is simple. The interface of Audiomack is really interesting and beautiful. Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. You can download the streaming app for free from the App Store of your smartphone.


In this guide, we’ve listed out some of the top music apps to use for both Android and iOS. They all allow you to download music to listen to offline. You can choose any of the apps above to use. Actually, I am using Audiomack on my iPhone and it is really chill and fun with it.

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