Soundcloud Go – How to Sign Up – How to Buy Soundcloud Go Subscription

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If you are still asking questions on what Soundcloud Go is, then this article is here is to answer your question consigning this article. In this piece of writing, you will have the answer to your questions and everything you need to know about this platform. What you need to follow this article where ever it leads you to, read along with it and I assure you that you will get all the answers that you need.

Soundcloud Go - How to Sign Up - How to Buy Soundcloud Go Subscription

Soundcloud Go

Soundcloud Go is the paid subscription service that gives you access to unlimited access to the world’s largest music streaming website along with many other features. You can have full access to about 135 tracks. You can listen to songs offline on your mobile, anywhere and anytime. Ads-free which is so interesting.

How to Sign Up

There are different ways in which you can sign up to this platform but lots of people do not know about that, most especially those that have not heard of this platform before. You can sign up using the following platforms; you can sign up using your Google account which is your email accounts. The other way to sign up is by using the Facebook platform, in the sense that you can use your Facebook account to sign up. And I am going to show you how you can come about them below.

How to Sign Up Using Google

Streaming music on Soundcloud is free, but you will need an account to be able to stream and upload songs on your Soundcloud page. Go to the website’s homepage at and follow the steps below to sign up for a Soundcloud account using your Email address:

  • On the homepage of the website Soundcloud and click on the “Create Account” button on the top.
  • Tap on “Continue with Google”.
  • Fill in your email address and click Continue.
  • Create a password you can remember for your account.
  • Verify that you are human, by clicking on the CAPTCHA, and then click on “Accept and Continue”.
  • Fill in your age on the displayed form and select your gender (Male or Female). Then click on Continue.
  • On the next page, you would be prompted to choose a display name for your Soundcloud account. Then click on “Get Started”.

How to Sign Up Using Your Facebook Account

  • Go to Soundcloud.
  • On the platform, click on the ‘Get Started’ tab on the top right side.
  • Click on ‘Continue with Facebook’.
  • Type in your Facebook details and then click on ‘Log in’.

After you have accessed all the steps above and you have signed up with your Facebook account. Before you know it, you are on their homepage already.

Soundcloud Account Sign In

You can log in to your Soundcloud account if you already have an account. Follow the steps below to log in:

  • Proceed to their website.
  • On the homepage, click on Sign in.
  • Fill in your email address and password you used in creating your Soundcloud account.
  • Click on Connect.

How to Buy Soundcloud Go Subscription

The Soundcloud Go subscription is not available in some countries but its subscription only costs $9.99 per month. Its subscription offers a 30 days free trial. To subscribe for a Soundcloud Go subscription,

  • Visit Soundcloud to go to the website at
  • From the new page, click the button that says “Try it free for 30 days”.
  • Choose the option you want to use (either Credit card or PayPal).

Enter details about your payment option and follow the on-screen instructions to complete your subscription.

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