Gmail Mail Settings – How to Create a Gmail Account – How to Check Gmail Settings

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If you have been using the Gmail platform right from time, you would have known what Gmail Mail Settings is by now. You don’t need to worry yourself if you have not made use of this Gmail mail settings, now you have the chance to learn about it. All you needed is to move along with me and see what this article is saying.

Gmail Mail Settings - How to Create a Gmail Account - How to Check Gmail Settings

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Gmail Mail Settings

There is nothing to worry about as I said earlier, this article is meant to guide you and to review the things that you have not known before to you. Gmail mail settings, it is really amazing because with it you can edit your Gmail account and change the default settings to the one you like. You can edit your Gmail account in other to see up to 50 unread emails on the home page because the default view is 15 and you can change it. There are so many things that you can do with Gmail mail settings, you can change the look of your Gmail by adding a background like a theme and your personal picture. You can also add a photo to your Gmail profile and the picture will be displayed on your Gmail profile.

Another thing is that you can edit the structure of your Gmail account to make it look more different from the previous one. But before you can access the Gmail platform or make any changes on the Gmail platform, an account is required. It means that you need to create an account with them and to create an account most people do not know the steps. So, I am going to list out all the steps that you need for you to create a Gmail account. Note these, creating an account with Gmail is easy, the steps are not what will stress you and you don’t need to make any payment.

How to Create a Gmail Account?

With the steps that I will be listing for you below are the steps in which you can follow on how you can create a Gmail account.

  • For you to get access to the platform, first open your web browser and then visit Gmail.
  • After that, click the create tab that is located below the sign in tab.
  • The create tab will take you to the sign-up page and when you get there.
  • Enter your first and last name and also the name of the email address or username you want to use.
  • When you are through with that first three boxes. The other boxes require your password, and when you are done with the first page, click next to proceed.
  • On the other page, you need to enter your mobile number and then click Next. A code will be sent to you, to your message box, go there are take the codes that you see there.
  • Type the codes inside the box that requires it and then click next.
  • You still have one more requirement to make, after you have clicked the next button after entering the code. You will be requested to choose your date of birth, gender and all, at this time to around off everything click next.

The steps that you need to follow next after doing all of this thing, is to follow the instructions that will be given to you from thereon. By clicking next, next, next for your account to open.

How to Login on Gmail

The reason why I am including this part so that you can log in to your account whenever you log it out. The steps to log in are not much, just follow these steps.

  • Access your browser and then go to Gmail and you will be taken to the login page.
  • Enter your email address and your password on the boxes.
  • Then hit the login or sign in the tab below the boxes and you can have access to your account whenever it is logged out.

These are the steps to login your Gmail account anytime your logout

How to Check Gmail Settings?

To check, change or edit your Gmail settings is not that difficult, once you can access the settings page on your Gmail you can change whatever you want to change or edit. Here is how you can do any edition or changes on your Gmail account. Ones you can log in to your Gmail, look at the top of the page. You will see a settings icon gear at the top, click on it and you are in. From there you can edit or change whatever you want to change on your account and after you have edit or change them. Scroll down and click save settings at the bottom of the page.

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