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Are you searching for Flipboard Alternatives? Then read on to find out more. Flipboard Alternatives is the Really Simple Syndication (RSS) reader app which you can use in place of Flipboard. It helps users to organize the feeds together in a magazine form. Users can easily stay informed about the topics that matter most to them easily.

Flipboard Alternatives

Flipboard Alternatives

On this guide, I will be giving a list of some of the best alternatives you can use in place of it. There are a lot of Flipboard alternatives available that one can make a pick from. I am sure the list I would be providing will be of great help and give several options to choose from.

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Flipboard App

Flipboard is a reader app that is designed to give its users quick access to all their feeds categorically. This app is available on any device type including iOS and Android devices. There is also a limited edition on the web.

Flipboard has sometimes been seen as a smart magazine. It helps users to personalize their contents depending on their interests and then display relevant stories in a magazine format, unlike our traditional print magazines. The app can be used to create their own digital magazines to share with others. While reading through the stories shown on Flipboard, you can add them to existing or new magazines in your profile. It works in a way that allows you to flip through stories.

Best Flipboard Alternatives

Here are some alternatives for Flipboard that have been deemed best. With these alternatives, you would barely miss using Flipboard. Below is a list of some of the best alternatives to Flipboard.


This is a software that offers users unique ways of browsing content across their preferred websites, RSS feeds, Tumblr blogs and also watch their favorite channels on YouTube.


This is a web-based content platform that makes use of RSS technology to find the best news posts, blog posts and also social media feeds for your very needs. It also has the ability to download applications on Apple, Windows and Android devices and users can also take content from Inoreader on the go.


With this software, you can read, share and also save stories that you find on the internet so that you and/or others can explore them later.


It is free on the web, Android and iOS devices with some restrictions. Few of these restrictions can be unlocked by subscribing to a premium account. The subscription also supports a growing service.  

The Old Reader

With the old reader, you can read all your favorite online content in a place. You can also find friends and start sharing by subscribing.

Digg Reader

The Digg Reader is a mobile news aggregate app that adapts actively to the preferences of the reader.


It is a personalized platform for gathering intelligence from news, RSS feeds and other sources. It is can also be subscribed to enjoy its unlimited support and functionality.

AOL Reader

The AOL Reader is a software that helps to bring the same RSS reader experience which you enjoy every day. You can also browse all your favorite websites, switch between different views and search like you would on your desktop.


This software learns the things you like and don’t like to help find news articles and blog posts from over the internet which will be relevant to you.


Commafeed is a free newsreader program that currently works with a web browser. It is simple and cleaner to use than other news reader services with a minimal amount of features.

LinkedIn Pulse

This app helps to provide you with the best news around you and also search for jobs available to you. It can also help you get daily professional news and build your skills and much more.


This reader is simple yet a very powerful RSS too and feed reader for the web, iPhone and Android and you can try it for free.


This is a free magazine aggregator that allows you to find, share and also read articles from your favorites. This app comes with a library of over 30 million individual magazines and you never have to worry about insufficient content.

Google Play Newsstand

This smart app helps organizes the happenings in the world to enable learn more about the occurring stories which matter to you. With this news app, you can see your briefing but it can be nearly impossible to keep tabs with every story you want to know about.  


This company is an independent media company that creates different articles for various reasons or purposes. BuzzFeed is built with a news section and soon taking the reputation as a Journalistic outfit or tool.

The above on this guide are some of the Flipboard Alternative that you can use in place of Flipboard. Try them out and start enjoying all the benefitting features on board.

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