Apple Watch Series 3 – Apple’s Very Own Dedicated Smartwatch

Apple Watch Series 3” Smart technology and devices seem to be the next big thing in our world today. Every device that is made today seems to be taking that direction. There is either one form or small form of smart technology in almost all new innovations and inventions today. Apple being one big and smart technology company out there. They produce smart technology devices in terms of phones, laptops, and others.


In fact, they are top on the list when it comes to smart devices. And apple watch is one of their smart devices also. They made so many of their smart technology wristwatches over time. But today in this article I will be focusing on one of them. “The Apple Watch Series 3”.  The differences that set the particular wristwatch from the others.

Apple Watch Series 3


Apple Watch Series 3

What’s the Apple Watch Series 3? Basically, as most people already know, the apple watch series is a piece of watches that has smart technology built-in them. And that’s why they called smartwatches. It owned and produced by Apple incorporated.  It comes with so many features such as helping out health matters, keeping track of your fitness level, iOS integration, and many other features.

The smart wristwatch is considered with the apple iPhone making it more of an iPhone wristwatch. But outside that, it can connect on its own to a Wi-Fi network.  Since it was initiated in 2015, Apple has gone on to release 5 different watch series, all of them coming in the month of September.

Apple Watch Series 3 was released on September 22, 2017, and it comes with a lot of improved features than the previous once has. It works faster and better than the previous S2 series with a 70% fast ratio. So below we will take a lot at some of the specifications of this smart device.

Features of Apple Watch Series 3

Here are some of the features of the Apple watch series 3.


There is a huge change in storage for the Apple Watch Series 3 which is an improvement to that of the previous 2 series. It has a 768 DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) and an 8GB for GPS or 16 GB for Cellular. All of this makes it better than the S1 and S2 series


It has Bluetooth version of 4.2 also an upgrade from the former one. It also has both GPS and Cellular connections. It is Wi-Fi enabled. It has a water resistance of up to 50m and a barometric altimeter. One other feature of the apple watch series is that it has Siri enabled in it,   has an optical heart sensor, gyroscope, and accelerometer is also supported in the apple watch series 3.

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It has a good enough battery life. It has a built-in Li-Po lithium rechargeable battery that lasts up 16 hours of usage.  Its hardware is a 32-bit chipset dual-core processor.


The smartwatch series 3 has a screen case of either 38 or 42 mm. it is 11.4mm thick. And a resolution of 272 x 340 pixels and a 326 dpi for the 38mm case. For that of the 42mm, it has a resolution of 312 x 390 pixels and also a 326 dpi. OLED Retina display enabled.

Pros & Cons of Apple Watch Series 3

  • Waterproof and swim-proof.
  • GPS.
  • It has Optical Sensor for the heart.
  • Can take and make calls.
  • It is expensive.
  • It is not compatible with all versions of the iPhone, you have to get a newer version.

Apple Smart Series 3 Watches Availability and Prices

All of the Series 3 watches can be found on Amazon. Once you visit the website type in “apple watch series 3” on the search tab at the top. It will display your result and you can for it. The prices also vary depending on the series 3 you are getting. If you are going for the series 3 with GPS + Cellular data you will have to pay higher for it. But the price tag for any of the Apple Series 3 watch starts from around $190.00 to $270.00.


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