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With Amazon Kindle Account, you can read to your heart fill. Amazon is well known for its Kindle, very fast shipping and selling virtually anything online. Amazon is the most popular and biggest online store or shops where individuals can buy and sell. On the Amazon site, you are able to get hold of so lots of goods and products to use on the site. If you are an online shopper, or you wish to shop online, Amazon is the best. Amazon is the best solution to your online shopping participation. You can shop for goods like clothing, jewelry, furniture, kitchenware, household ware, accessories, electronic devices, gifts and gift cards, movies, videos, apps, games, music, magazine, smart home accessories, digital accessories, books, etc.

Amazon Kindle Account

Amazon Kindle Account

Yes, I mentioned books. And that’s where Amazon Kindle Account comes in. The site has designed an online e-reader service known as Kindle. This service enables you to get hold of millions of books to read. Readers are leaders: therefore Amazon Kindle is designed for you. You can find interesting and addictive books, Magazines, Comics, etc. There’s much entertainment with Kindle.

To get started with Amazon kindle service, you would need to set up an amazon kindle account. A regular Amazon account is needed to set up the Kindle Account. The process of creating an account with Amazon is free, easy to create and would only require a valid email address.

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How to Create an Amazon Account

You like the idea of the Kindle account, right? And what to get an account quickly? All you need is to create a regular Amazon account. Quick notice: There’s no separate Kindle account from the regular Amazon account you’re about to create. The process is simple, create your Amazon account and set up Kindle. Follow below to create;

  • Open your smartphone and go to the Amazon site at
  • From the right side of the Amazon page, hit on the “My Account” button.
  • Then right from the pop-up displayed to you, hit on “New customer? Start Here” tab.
  • Fill in the credentials required.
  • Type in your full name (First name and Surname).
  •  Enter an active email ID (for example Google Mail).
  •  Type in your phone number and set a password for the Amazon account.
  •   Once done, hit on “Create Account”.

That would do the trick. Your very own Amazon account has just been created.

How to Personalize Your Amazon Account

Personalizing your Amazon account helps make your use of your account and of Amazon easier and faster. You can personalize your Amazon account by selecting your payment details and registering your bank card and other bank-related details. You would also need to turn on your location and add your address to make the delivery process easier. This guide would tell you how to go about personalizing your Amazon account.

  • From your Amazon page, hit the “Account & Lists” button.
  •  From the pop-up displayed to you, click on the “My Account” tab.
  • On the options page displayed, click on your “Payment Options”.
  • Add your credit card by entering the details of your Card for your payment.
  • You would be required to include your Location/Address for the delivery purpose. On the Amazon site, click “Account & Lists”.

Having done the following, you have then successfully personalized your account.

How to Set Up Amazon Kindle Account

Once the Amazon Account has been created, the next step is to set up the Kindle service on your Amazon account. With this, you can purchase, rent, read or download books from the large library of Kindle EBooks. To set up the service, follow below;

  •  Log in to your Amazon account via Amazon site
  • Then from the top right corner of the Amazon page, hit on the “Account & Lists” section.
  • From the pop-up display, tap on “Your Kindle”.
  • You might be requested to type in your account credentials (email and password).

Then follow the on-screen instructions to commence. By so doing, the Kindle account will be set up and you can read as many books as you want. Now you can enjoy all that your kindle can offer.

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