Alexa and Google Home – Amazon Alexa and Google Home

Alexa and Google Home. Smart devices are all over the places today in our world. Today there are devices that now help us with activities. Today we are looking at the Alexa and Google Home. What are they? What do they do? And how can they be of help to us? So sit back and I urge you to read through this article. The fact that one can use their voice to control some of their devices is an amazing feature.

Alexa and Google Home - Amazon Alexa and Google Home

Because it sometimes takes the stress of moving around before doing things.  So here in this article, you will find out in more detail and how they work.

Alexa and Google Home

Have you been looking forward to getting your home some smart devices? Well, if yes, then you should start considering the Alexa and Google Home smart devices. So what are they exactly? Find out below.

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We are going to start with Alexa. Alexa which is also sometimes called Amazon Alexa is an AI technology. It is a virtual assistant that helps us to interact with smart devices and smart technology. With Alexa or Amazon Alexa, one can be able to use their voice to so many interesting stuff with just a word. The Amazon Alexa or Alexa can be used to give music playback, setting alarms, getting updates on news like weather, traffic, and can be used for streaming podcasts. All these are simply done with just your voice. There are built-in smart devices like the all famous Amazon smart speaker. The Amazon Alexa also has a special feature that can be used to control other home automation and appliances.

Alexa was launched on November 6, 2014, and since then it has been made available in various languages. Some of the languages are English, Italian, German, Canada, Japanese, and others. It has also be activated some of the many smart devices. To activate the Alexa feature one just has to say the wake-up words such as Alexa or Amazon.

Google Home

Speakers now come with smart technology and abilities. And that is what the Google Home is. Google also has its set of smart devices and that is Google Home. Google home is a set or is a series of smart home speakers. It is like Alexa has its own voice assistant. This voice assistant is from Google itself and has the same abilities as Alexa.

Google Home smart speakers are built in such a way that it is only voice-enabled. Google Home gives you access to be able to play music, videos, look up photos, and be able to get news updates from popular news platforms. Although the Google Home name has been rebranded to Google Nest it still has all the previous that were with it. The Google Home was also designed to be used as a vehicle virtual assistant. To activate the Google Home voice assistant simply say the word “OK Google or Hey Google”. With this wake-up word, your Google Home speakers will be activated.

Alexa and Google Home Smart Devices

Like you have read above in this article, there are Alexa and Google Home Smart Devices. It is with these devices you are able to get access to the various voice controls and their features. Below are some lists of their smart devices.


Google Home

Echo Dot (3rd generation) Google Nest Mini
Echo 3rd Generation Google Nest Hub
Echo Plus (2nd Generation) Google nest Hub Max
Echo Studio Google Home
Echo Show 5 Google Home Max
Echo Show 8 Nest Temperature Sensor
Echo Flex Nest Thermostat E
Echo Spot Nest protect

These are some of the very best devices that you can get from the Alexa and Google Home. They are sure smart devices that help turn your little home into a smart home.

Alexa and Google Home App Download

Once you have gotten any of the Alexa or Google Home device, the next thing is to set it up. Once you have been able to set it up on your phones, then you are good to go. Below is the process to download the apps.

Alexa App Download for Android Users

  • First thing is to enter your Google App Store on your android phones.
  • On the search bar at the top, type in “Amazon Alexa”.
  • It will pop up with the result. Click on the install button.
  • The Alexa App will download automatically.
  • Once downloaded, click on the app on your phone’s menu to launch the app.

Alexa App Download for Android Users

  • On your iPhone devices, click on the Apple App Store.
  • Type in “Amazon Alexa” on the search bar at the top of the Store.
  • The Amazon Alexa app icon will come up, click on the download button.
  • After it has installed itself, you can now launch it to open the Alexa App.

Google Home App Download

  • For both android and iPhone users, open the Google App Store or Apple App Store.
  • On the search tab at the top, type in “Google Home” and search for it.
  • The result will come up. Click on download and install.
  • The app will begin automatic downloading and it will install.

Once the various apps have been installed, open them. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your Alexa and Google Home smart devices.

How to Set Up Alexa and Google Home

After downloading the Alexa and Google Home apps, the next thing to do is to set them up on your mobile phones and your smart devices. Below is the step on How to Set Up Alexa and Google Home.

Alexa App Set-Up

  • Open the Alexa App.
  • Plugin the speaker using the charger that came with it.
  • Once it has opened, click on the device option at the bottom left corner.
  • A new page will come up, press the plus sign at the top right corner.
  • Select the Add device.
  • Click on Amazon Echo, and then select your Amazon Smart device that you have.
  • The next thing to do is to connect your Amazon Device to your phone’s Wi-Fi or any other Wi-Fi network.
  • Select the location where you want to keep your Amazon device ( any room in your house)
  • Then the location of your house.

With these steps, you have successfully downloaded and set up your Alexa app and devices.

Google Home App Set-Up

  • First, you have to plug in the speaker.
  • Then connect your mobile device to the Wi-Fi network for your speaker.
  • Open the Google Home app on your mobile tablets.
  • At the top left corner tap the + icon.
  • Click on set up the device.
  • Click on set up a new device in your home.
  • Tap next, and it will take you to where you will enter a nickname for your home.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your account.

Once you have followed these instructions above, you can now begin to use the Google Home App and speaker in your houses to turn them into smart houses.

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